What about Motivation?


This is the headline in an email ad from Harvard Business Review. The ad promotes publications designed to teach about “after-action” (past) and “before-action” (future) reviews.

The promotion says that “when you combine the two, you have what it takes to dramatically improve your chances of success.”

They are talking about knowledge or skills . . . your competency.

What about motivation?

Competencies are about what you “can do.” Motivation is about what you “want to do.”

In analyzing performance (the Performance Model), motivation often accounts for a significant amount of the variance in performance. Plus, your motivational and attitudinal patterns are “upstream” from your competencies. So, while HBR promotes the development of your competencies, the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) will help you understand the extent to which your motivators will support a past and/or future orientation.

The iWAM has three time patterns: Past, Present, and Future. The Past pattern is an indicator of how much you want to pay attention to and learn from your experience. This would be a pattern that supports an “after-action review”. The Present pattern is an indication of how much you want to pay attention to the here-and-now. The Future pattern indicates how much you want to deal with the longer term or future events. This pattern would align with the "before-action review".

So, if we know the strength of your motivational patterns, we can also predict the extent to which you will want to use the competencies involved in after-action and before-action reviews.

Competencies are a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for performance.

Check out your motivation.

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