iWAM Resource Materials

The following resource materials are available for everyone: samples of iWAM Reports, an Introduction to the iWAM slideshow, a Model of Excellence Q&A, an iWAM debrief session (audio), and a Webinar on Decoding Motivation.

At the bottom of the page you can gain an insight into all the support materials that are available only for our Certified iWAM Consultants (under the "Certified Log In" section, a password protected page).

Updating Your U.S. iWAM Standard Group

Most of us in America have the default standard group set to U.S. 2007. The 2016 Standard Group has a much larger sample and has some demographics that seem to improve the basis for comparison. Here is a video that is a brief tutorial on how to update your default standard group.



Sample iWAM Reports

Here are some sample iWAM reports that can be generated by the system.


Introduction to the iWAM (Slideshow)

The Power of Motivation and Work Attitude

>> Click here to download presentation

Introduction to the Model of Excellence

Click here to open a Model of Excellence Q & A document.


Webinar - Decoding Motivation - Click screen to play!

Note: The following materials are available for certified iWAM Consultants. Click here to go to the login page.

Marketing Materials

How to market the iWAM, the Model of Excellence, and the solutions you can bring with them to your clients? We share documents, flyers, presentations, and media to help you market and sell iWAM related projects to existing and new clients.

iWAM Administration

A collection of useful documents and other materials about the jobEQ system and how to manage your iWAM assessments and database.

Helpdesk Videos

A collection of videos walk you through managing the iWAM assessment online: from sending invitations, through generating reports, to managing your client database. 

iWAM Feedback Forms,Tools, Best Practices

A variety of forms, tools, interview questions, etc. are available for our Certified iWAM Consultants to help them conduct successful iWAM feedback sessions and results interpretation to their clients.

The Institute has also collected some best practices about the most popular applications of the iWAM and the Model of Excellence (recruitment, coaching, leadership development and succession planning, organizational culture and communication, team development, etc.)

Technical Memoranda

There are almost 30 technical memoranda available for certified professionals. The memos are short explanations regarding the jobEQ system, the iWAM, interpretation, etc.