Foundations of the Institute

The Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation was founded
in 2005 as the North American strategic partner for jobEQ. The following are The Institute’s foundations and focus.


The mission of The Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation is to help professionals and organizations understand, use, and develop knowledge, tools, and techniques that help and encourage individuals, teams, and entire organizations perform significantly above their present levels.


The Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation educates, researches, advises, and supports organizational leadership, human resource professionals, consultants, coaches, and others in the use of effective, adaptable, and affordable modeling and assessment tools for measuring, developing, managing, and improving the performance levels of individuals, teams, and organizations.


The Institute’s vision is to create a high quality, internationally-recognized professional organization that provides contemporary education, cutting-edge research, professional certification, and quality support services to human resource professionals, consultants, and organizational leadership on the use of an innovative tool for assessing and a model for predicting, managing, and improving levels of performance and effectiveness.


The following core values guide the organization, staffing, and actions of The Institute:
• Quality
• Integrity
• Innovation
• Service
• Collaboration
• Value

For a copy of the Institute's Foundations, click here.