Carl L. Harshman, Ph.D.

     Carl is the founder and president of Carl L. Harshman
     & Associates, Inc., an organizational and leadership      development consulting company with a 30-year track record      that is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2005,           Dr. Harshman organized the Institute for Work Attitude &      Motivation which is dedicated to education, research, and application of innovative tools for helping organizations, teams, and individuals improve performance. The Institute is part of a global network of consultants who specialize in work similar to that of the Institute.

Dr. Harshman’s undergraduate and doctoral degrees were conferred by The Ohio State University. He earned his master’s degree at Wright State University. In 1972 he joined Saint Louis University to create the Office of Institutional Research. He later served as Director of Academic Planning. In 1975, he was appointed dean of a new, innovative undergraduate college for working adults and served in that capacity for seven years during which time the college grew to over one thousand students and established a national reputation for quality in non-traditional learning.

As he transitioned from the university to consulting, Carl was involved in a series of national, innovative initiatives to help large corporations change their cultures through employee involvement and increased emphasis on the human dimension of organizations. In the past decade, Carl’s work has expanded to include aligning business strategy and culture with the leadership of the organization. In that capacity, he works with organizational leadership teams in the creation and implementation of integrated business strategies and culture.

Consulting clients include: Ford Motor, John Deere, General Dynamics, Goodyear, Boeing, Engelhard, National Steel, DTE Energy, General Atomics, and USEC, Inc. Public sector clients include the United States Navy, the State of Washington, King County (WA), and the Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle. In the early stages of his career, he consulted to a number of colleges and universities and has worked with Wyman Center, The Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate, and the Center for Principled Family Advocacy in the not-for-profit sector.

Dr. Harshman is a certified executive coach whose clients include a chairman of the board, chief executive officers, and key managers in businesses and the social sector. He is also certified in the use of strategic planning tools, executive assessment programs, and the Language and Behavior Profile.
Carl has presented at regional, national, and international meetings including the Association for Quality and Participation, Ecology of Work, Work in America Institute, the Industrial Relations Research Association, and the International Association for Business Ethics. He has also given commencement addresses at his high school and at the School for Professional Studies at Saint Louis University.

Dr. Harshman is the senior author of six books: Decoding Behavior to Improve Results; iWAM Resource Guide; Teaming Up: Achieving Organizational Transformation; Team Training: From Start-Up to High Performance; Team Leader Training; and Managing Change: A Practical Guide for Transforming Organizations. He is the primary contributor to a video entitled “Troubled Partnerships: When Labor and Management Can’t Make It Work.” Carl is also the author or senior author on several articles in journals including a series of papers on ethics in leadership.

Dr. Harshman is the founder and CEO of the Institute as well as Harshman & Associates.